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I designed this workstation laptop case to get over the fear and frustration of traveling. Having to take my devices out at every security screening, sitting in the tiny middle seat or any small airplane seat, using the narrow tray table on the airplane, the wait at the airport, long hour of field work or training or at conference with just an uncomfy chair, heat on the laptop on my lap together with neck and wrist pain while using my laptop. It was hard to focus, be creative, productive or even just relax experiencing those hassles. So TaboLap comes to life to eliminate all of those. It’s time to replace the old type of computer bags or sleeves that do nothing else but solely for storage. It's time to create the new travel experience so every trip you take will be the most enjoyable and worthwhile. What do you think?  — Lien    

Our Mission

Each travel is not just about getting from point A to point B safely, it’s our belief that each traveler can make each trip, near or far, to be the most efficient, the most enjoyable, and a stress-free time. TaboLap is the only computer bag that has the practical mini-table with full functions built inside a quality computer bag that will help make your trips the most fun ones. You choose how and what to do to feel comfortable and to look good in each of your journey, TaboLap products offer you all of these. You and what you decide to bring with you define your trip, not all the surrounding travel hassles of flying or driving. Will you join us in making your travels a lot easier, more enjoyable, and more comfortable so that all of your upcoming travels be the most memorable trips?  

Our Materials

TaboLap products are made with durable and high quality top grain leather, suede leather, ballistic nylon fabric, and neoprene. Those materials are chosen for TaboLap products line to ensure the whole lasting quality and the beautiful look and feel of all products. Top grain and suede leather last many, many years and are easy to maintain as long as they are not stored in places that might be moisture. The fact is, the longer time leather is used, the better it looks. Ballistic nylon and neoprene are picked also for their durability, and for the customers who do not like the “formal” look of the leather.

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What The World is Saying about TaboLap

DeWayne Gibson

“I travel nearly two and a half to three weeks a month.  Your bag has helped me on my flights to get the most work done.  I see other travelers struggle with the offerings of flight attendants while I have a comfy place for my drink, phone and snack.  I usually am questioned by the flight staff as to where they can get one.

The Tabolap bag is not only great for airlines, it is also perfect for land travel.  All of my colleagues comment on how useful it is when I arrive for training.  Thank you again for a well thought out travel bag.”

Michelle Truong

"I've previously changed several laptop bags and now stick to your TaboLap. So glad I've found your website and got one that was exactly as I expected. It's lighter than I thought. The table is sturdy enough even for my 15" laptop. A little bit worried at first about the colour however it turned out to be just right.
Recommended for all travelling bees!!!"

Inc. Magazine

“No.13. The TaboLap. This $399 portable workstation provides a balanced platform for your laptop and zips up neatly in a rigid leather bag. It also has pull out panels and cup holders to store other work necessities--like your phone and coffee.”

Kelly Dexter-Smith

“I love the concept of using the bag for travel especially on long flights! Can't wait to see the new model!”

Eric Dobson. CEO. angelcapitalgr.com

“What I like about the bag:

1. Well made.

2. Good Looking.

3. Innovative design for the mouse and drink holder. This is why I bought the bag.”

Check out the TaboLap on our Amazon store HERE