The TaboLap Laptop Bag

About The TaboLap

TaboLap laptop bag has a built-in innovative full table platform. The computer bag is designed to be turned into a fun table with a drink holder anywhere. TaboLap computer bag is perfect for frequent travelers and college students because of its built-in non-slip table-like surface and the two retractable shelves that give travelers and students a drink holder and the needed storage space for gadgets, tools or documents. Flip the shelf over to use as mouse pad. Together, the convenience of working or entertaining while on the road with the TaboLap bag is an unbeatable investment.

No Slip Surface With Vent Gap

The non-slip table surface is made of soft grip material of either velvet leather or velvet fabric so it will not scratch or damage your devices. The surface is for multi-purpose uses such as reading, writing, drawing, using electronic devices, etc. The elastic band in the vent gap is designed to keep your computer gear secured. Much like their users, laptops need to breath and the vent gap is there for the heat to escape.

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Retractable Shelves

Retractable shelves can be pulled to either side or all to one side to conveniently secure your computing gadgets and other items under the elastic bands or to store your documents. One shelf has a place to hold drink cup. Shelves can be pulled all the way out, switch side, then reinsert back to the bag for left or right handed users. Flip the shelf over to use the back as mouse pad. Dual-function TaboLap bag and the built-in table platform really gives you your own space and freedom anywhere, anytime. With your own Table On your Lap, there will be no more hassles and distractions .

Convenient Carry

The TaboLap bag is built with strength and stability for work on the go.  The adjustable strap is easily removable. The two carry handles are built with strength and comfort for flexible wear. Slide the back pocket of the TaboLap bag over the luggage's extended handle for even more convenient travel.


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